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CONMIXT LTD is a Romanian company based in Ozun village, Vajna street, no. 430, Covasna county.
The company was registered in the Commercial Register of District Office Covasna county on 02/15/1994 under number J14/118/1994, tax code RO5309440. The main activity is the construction.
CONMIXT LTD was founded in 1994, privately owned.
Headquarters is in the Ozun village, Vajna Street 430, Covasna County. The main object of activity is construction. Also trade with building materials, and is producer/manufacturer of concrete blocks. Average number of employees is 28 to 30 people, most of them are qualified in the field.


Headquarters: OZUN, Vajna street, no. 430, COVASNA county Roumania
Tax Code: RO 5309440; Registry of Commerce: J/14/118/1994
Phone: 0770/986939; Fax: 0367/412576 ; E-mail: office@conmixt.ro
RO83BRDE150SV01445221500 BRD Sf.Gheorghe RO02TREZ2565069XXX000788 Trez Sf.Gheorghe
Mobile phone: 0744/329204


The quality of work performed CONMIXT LTD has earned a deserved place among the other construction companies in Covasna county. 21 years in construction, gained a good reputation, and a comfortable market share. Clients include both companies and budgetary institutions, and individuals from Covasna and Brasov county. The good quality of service provides continuity to the business.
To achieve its goals, the company will consider the continuous improvement of products and services.
The company performs construction work in the area of Sfantu Gheorghe, and in Covasna and Brasov region. It has numerous references in Covasna, Brasov, and also in Sfantu Gheorghe. Manufacturer of concrete blocks, (concrete blocks for foundation), covering the Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna, and Brasov county. Products: concrete blocks 120x400x200, concrete blocks 200x400x200, , concrete blocks 250x300x200,concrete blocks for foundation 200x500x200, concrete blocks for foundation 250x400x200, concrete blocks for foundation 300x500x200 concrete blocks for foundation 400x500x200, concrete blocks for foundation 300x300x200. Offers concrete blocks in Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna, and Brasov county. Provides transportation services in Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna, and Brasov county.
Construction (main activity)
  Turnkey civil and industrial construction

Trading with construction materials
  Construction material stores:

Ozun, Vajna str. no.430 tel: 0770986939

Dobarlau no. 235 tel: 0771782990

Concrete Blocks producer / manufacturer
  Concrete blocks
  Concrete blocks
  Concrete blocks
  Concrete blocks (foundation)
  Concrete blocks (foundation)
  Concrete blocks (foundation) 300x500x200
  Concrete blocks (foundation)
  Concrete blocks square (for columns) 300x300x200
  Concrete blocks square (for columns) 200x250x200

Transport of sand, gravel, with tipper
Buldoexcavator rental
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